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Rental of Specialty Woodwind Instruments
Do you need an Eb soprano or A clarinet for a show?  How about a basset horn for the Mozart Requiem, or an English horn for your upcoming "New World" symphony performance?  Piccolo or alto flute?  Call me first, if I don't have it I'll try and find it for you!
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Wind Instrument Repair Techniques
Approaches to Teaching Jazz Improvisation
Woodwind Teaching Techniques Refresher
Using Sibelius music software
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Audition/festival preparation
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"Just got a chance to play my bass clarinet....IT WORKS!  Thanks, man.  FYI, two other repairmen, who shall remain nameless, said it was fine.  Glad I finally found someone who knows the instrument.  Well worth the beautiful drive.

All the best, Matt L."
The horn plays beautifully and is so easy to play in tune in the upper register. This is a revelation to me since I thought my embouchure was 
causing me to be a little flat in the upper range.

Greg A.